How to find grants and use the features:

How to be strategic with grant writing:

How to write compelling applications:

Top Tips

Here are six DIY grant writing tips for success.

Be prepared to provide interim and final reports to the funding provider to keep up your end of the agreement, understand funding acknowledgement rules and factor in enough time to secure grant management office approvals for media releases; social posts; signage and publicity materials with funding body logos; and invitations for launch events.

STOP! Before you start a grant application

  • Is your project on Council-owned land or Council is the trustee?
  • Do you need land-owner permission?
  • Do you need to hire a parkland or community hall?
  • Do you need approval for a road closure?
  • Do you need Development Approval such as for building works, building improvements, maintenance, sporting field improvements?

If you said YES, contact Council IMMEDIATELY on telephone 6581 8111 to discuss your project idea.

Ensure you find out all costs, fees and charges to factor in to your budget and allow the extra time needed to apply for any permissions and approvals required for your project or the project site you aim to use. Don’t forget to allow plenty of time to request a land-owner letter of permission to attach to your submission if it’s required.

Project Management

Many sporting and community organisations who apply for grants rely on volunteers. It is exciting to be the recipient of grant funding, but then comes the sobering reality of delivering the project on time and within budget.

Does your team have the capacity and capability to deliver the project on time and within budget?

Remember – Your organisation will need to fund any shortfall of funding.

Events and Festivals

Contact Council ASAP on telephone 6581 8111 if your proposed activity is on Council-owned land such as a park land or community hall. We are happy to discuss with you the process to obtain approvals for use of a reserve or hall for a public event and extra costings such as access to electricity and waste management.

You must work under the guidance of the Australian Government and NSW Department of Health to comply with all relevant legislation and manage the risks associated with COVID-19.

To learn more about hiring facilities and park lands visit the PMHC website

Building works, maintenance, sporting field improvements

Contact Council ASAP on telephone 6581 8111 to discuss your proposed building works or field improvements. Our Duty Planners are happy to discuss if you need Development Application approval and the process and costings to request consent for building or maintenance works, solar panels and sporting field improvements.

Stats, facts and demographics

Seeking some hard facts to demonstrate the need for your project and the impact it will have?

Visit the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council community profile website and explore information supplied from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Compare data within townships, and compare between Port Macquarie-Hastings, to Mid North Coast, New South Wales and Australia. Learn about how old we are, who we are, what we do and how we live. Get data about employment, income, ethnicity, household and dwellings, current population figures, age groups, education and disability.